Study bible reviews

Posted: 23rd April 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Bibles & Books

Rick Mansfield is hosting a guest series of study bible reviews by reader “Larry” on his This Lamp blog. They’ve been very informative and interesting posts – I’ll add links to each new title as they appear:

  1. Jewish Study Bible (Oxford 2004) [NJPS]
  2. New Oxford Annotated Study Bible (3rd edition) (Oxford 2001/07) [NRSV]
  3. New Interpreter’s Study Bible (Abingdon 2003) [NRSV]
  4. HarperCollins Study Bible (2nd edition) (Harper San Francisco 2006) [NRSV]
  5. Catholic Study Bible (2nd edition) (Oxford 2006) [NAB]
  6. Oxford Study Bible (Oxford 1992) [REB]
  7. Writings of St. Paul (2nd edition) (Norton 2007) [TNIV]
  8. Early Christian Reader (Hendrickson 2004) [NRSV]
  9. TNIV Study Bible (Zondervan 2006) [TNIV]
  10. Orthodox Study Bible: New Testament and Psalms (Conciliar Press Edition) (Conciliar Press 1997) [NKJV]
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