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Posted: 15th May 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Bibles & Books
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Rick Mansfield has recently posted his notes on several specific Bibles from various publishers. His reviews are thorough and well worth reading.

NLTse, “Premium Slimline Reference (Large Print) from Tyndale:

“I don’t consider myself all that picky, but after three years of the NLTse’s existence, I still couldn’t find a decent copy for public use. However, just last month Tyndale released an edition that, while not perfectly matching my wants/needs, is certainly an attractive edition and will do for now. I’ve picked up the NLT Premium Slimline Reference (Large Print) in “TuTone” colors of black with a vertical burgundy stripe on the front cover.”

HCSB, “The Minister’s Bible” from Holman:

“I’ve had my copy of the HCSB Minister’s Bible (Holman Bible Publishers, ISBN 1586401696) since February, 2006. Although I don’t use this Bible exclusively as a one-stop resource as perhaps it’s intended, I have used it for teaching, for preaching, for a funeral, and as of last Saturday for a wedding. And since I’ve only written about this Bible anecdotally in the past, I thought I might offer a few more thoughts on it now that I’ve had and used it for a while.”

ESV, “Single-Column Reference Bible” from Crossway:

“Crossway really seems to get wide-margin Bibles unlike any other publisher I’ve seen. I’ve heard from three different Bible publishers that wide-margin Bibles simply do not sell well. That may be, but it’s your teachers, preachers, and serious students of the Bible who will most likely use and benefit from a wide-margin Bible. And these are the folks that often influence what Bibles–especially Bible translations–that other believers use. […] Crossway not only seems to understand the above particular value of a wide-margin Bible (as evidenced by their varied editions of wide-margin Bibles), they also understand how a note-taker can use available space to the best advantage when taking notes. This is certainly made clear in the Single-Column Reference Bible.”

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