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Wretched translations! ESV vs. HCSB: Romans 7:13-25

Posted: 5th July 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Translation

As those familiar with this blog will know, I’m in the process of choosing a modern Bible translation to use after 20+ years of using the NASB almost exclusively. I’ve already blogged on a number of Old Testament verse comparisons, using the HCSB, TNIV, NLTse and REB as my base translations. One of my hopes […]

The sharing of marriage…

Posted: 2nd July 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Faith & Theology

Every once in a while a good joke can be found: The old man placed an order for one hamburger, French fries and a drink. He unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in half, placing one half in front of his wife. He then carefully counted out the French fries, dividing them into […]