A new book from Kim Riddlebarger in the works

Posted: 24th August 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

I recently found Kim Riddlebarger’s website, The Riddleblog, and read that he is working on a new book:

“That being said, I am now hard at work on an expanded eschatology text which will deal with a broader range of eschatological issues, including preterism and postmillennialism. We do need a Reformed / covenantal / amillennial equivalent of the venerable J. Dwight Pentecost’s Things to Come. Lord willing, this will come to fruition . . .

Riddlebarger’s writing is clear, concise and humble, and I greatly enjoyed his earlier book, A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times. As a partial-preterist/amillennialist, I will probably look to get his latest, The Man of Sin: Uncovering the Truth about the Antichrist, to better understand his non-preterist viewpoint.

  1. Roderick says:

    As with all theological ISMs, even those named after men, PreterISM isn’t really so much about its origin as it is about its development. Some people claim they don’t subscribe to any ISMs. As pious as that may sound, it is patently untrue. The moment a person utters the words, “I believe…” then whatever comes after it can be categorized into an ISM. In theology ISMs are supposed to simply be shorthand or imprecise summaries of a collection of “I believe…” statements. Without acknowledging the various ISMs to which we may knowingly or unknowingly subscribe we only fool ourselves & make productive communication about what we believe, a difficult & long drawn out process.

    Having said that, I have been asked over the last several years but much more lately to put together a concise “primer” on Preterism.