DMHO: finalist on The Next Great American Band

Posted: 24th October 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

For those interested in contemporary big band and Christian music, and have some free time on Friday nights, I received the following in my inbox earlier this morning:

Well the word is out! Our favorite new era big band, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra is on Fox’s latest show The Next Great American Band. DMHO was chosen as one of the 12 finalists for Fox’s latest reality show. The show airs Friday’s at 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central. The Next Great American Band is produced by the same producers of American Idol and is structured in a similar format. Each Friday every group performs and then the audience calls in and votes for their favorite group. The group with the fewest votes is eliminated and sent home.

Tell your friends… heck, tell EVERYONE, be sure to watch DMHO this upcoming Friday, Oct 26, at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central for their first live performance, and don’t forget to call and vote for DMHO!

In general, I like DMHO; I think some of their early arrangements were a bit vanilla and I don’t care for all of the different styles they’ve experimented with, but I’ve had the chance to play a few charts from their Christmas album and it’s definitely fun to play (and listen to). For those unfamiliar with the band, click the “Experience DMHO” video link on their home page.

fox_american_band.jpgI don’t know anything about The Next Great American Band show [more info here and here], but looking at some of the promo photos and gimmick excerpts from the auditions, it promises to be an eclectic mix of American culture. It’ll be interesting to see how the squeaky clean DMHO image plays out…

  1. Well, fortunately DMHO was the first band on tonight, so I don’t have to watch any more of the show. The band was good, but they plowed through both songs with the same over-the-top style, so there was little subtlety or nuance to their performance. Maybe that’s cool for now, but it’ll kill them in later rounds (if they get that far).

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