A thought for Thanksgiving

Posted: 21st November 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized
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HT: Bible Basics

THERE is the story of a man who died and arrived at the gates of eternity for a guided tour by a guardian angel.

The angel took him to Hell, which was a large banquet room with a huge table loaded with food. Surrounding the table were emaciated, groaning people.

The man asked why Hell’s residents were starving when they had so much food in front of them.

The angel told him that the only requirement in Hell was that the food be eaten with forks that were a meter long. The forks were far too long to turn and insert into their mouths.

In the next room—Heaven—the table was equally loaded and the forks equally long, but the people were well-fed and laughing.

“The same restrictions apply here,” said the angel, “but the people solved the problem by feeding each other and allowing themselves to be fed.”

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