DMHO: One of the final three bands

fox_american_band.jpgWell, thanks to the spoilers posted earlier this week, I had learned that Denver and the Mile High Orchestra survived yet another week of The Next Great American Band and are now one of three bands left from the 12 finalists that opened the reality show. I didn’t get to watch the show this week as I was playing in the first night of our church’s Christmas show so I can’t give you a true recap, but the YouTube compilation video is posted below.

For this week, each of the bands played three songs: one chosen by a judge, one chosen by the show’s producers and an original song by the band. DMHO played “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire, “Vehicle” by Ides of March, and “You Move Me” as their original composition.


The band was “pow-er-ful!” and received some well-deserved praise from the judges. Dicko’s final comment that “the band never short changed their audience” was high praise. The show winner will be announced on the next (last) episode.

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