Bible impressions

Posted: 16th December 2007 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

Gary Zimmerli has been posting his personal “impressions” of current Bible translations on his blog, A Friend of Christ. To date, he’s posted on Bibles from the Tyndale translation tradition, that is, Bibles that would primarily fall in the category of “the tradition of interpretation” of the three-legged translation stool I discussed earlier:

Gary’s honesty in interacting with these different translations on a personal level is to be commended as a welcome refresher to the ideological warfare that Bible translation discussions are often subject to. I look forward to the rest of his series, which hopefully will include the HCSB, NIV, TNIV and NLTse, among others.

  1. I thank you for the kind words, ElShaddai.

    I do plan on talking about those you mentioned, but beyond those I really have no experience, and so I won’t be delving into any others.