The Room With A View Meme

Posted: 25th February 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

I’ve been tagged again. This time with a slightly less insidious meme from Nick Norelli (from Lingamish) to post a photo of the view from my office. Well, nothing glamorous this time:


The first photo is of our basement office. My chair is on the right, in the corner. The standard furnishings of a coffee cup and baby monitor are present. I will point out that the Bibles are on the top shelf, below no other word of man, though they are next to the hideous valance that we inherited with the house four years ago. Note the tissue box on the printer, a true sign of the sniffling and sneezing cold season and I don’t mean the temperature. (Note to self: remind wife to clean her laptop screen… or perhaps I should go take care of that for her.)

The second photo is the inside view from the office (as the small office window is closed up for the winter and I hardly believe that you want to see a photo of a frozen snow drift). The family room is full of eBay’d toys and paintings by my late mom. The massive wood cabinet in the corner is from bygone days at Pillsbury; somehow we inherited it through my wife’s dad. It’s heavy, trust me.

For the lazy efficiency of copy and paste, I will tag the same group of guys as last time: Steve (Undeception), Mike (The Creation of an Evolutionist), Gary (A Friend of Christ), Will (Anwoth) and Bryan (ἀκολουθέω Χριστόν).

  1. Mike Beidler says:

    “post a photo of the view from my office”

    Hmmmm … what exactly is that supposed to mean? Out my window? Out the door? It appears you’ve taken photos of inside your office. What to do?

    And, of course, you had to tag me while we’re getting ready to pack things up for our move. Might have to clear things out a bit.

  2. Will says:

    Office? What’s that?

  3. Office? What’s that?

    The messiest (adult) room in the house.

  4. Mike Beidler says:


    Check out my Facebook photo album. Finally got around to fulfilling your meme request. 😉