Odd bits of trivia: Lincoln Brewster, Jewel and me

For being from such a small town that Homer, Alaska (aka “the cosmic hamlet by the sea”) is, I find myself with at least nominal connections to two well-known hometown musicians: Lincoln Brewster and Jewel (Kilcher).

Lincoln Brewster was one year ahead of me in school, though my memory of him fades significantly after elementary school. When I was in 4th grade, he and I were approached to provide potential illustrations of the new (at that time) school mascot, the Hawks or Eagles or somesuch similar name. I remember scouring books at home, looking for just the right pose to draw, but alas my rendition was not selected and I recall a passing fit of spurned jealousy. According to his bio, his family moved to California around when he started high school, so that would account for any missing band memories.

More recently, I remember thinking it odd that there was a Christian musician with the same name, but never took the time to connect the dots. Now I suppose I’ll have to pick up a few albums and see what an old Homerite has been up to.

    Ms. Kilcher was two years after me in school, she was actually in my brother’s class, so my school interactions were limited, if there were any at all, especially as she also left for the siren call of the Lower 48 before the formative years of high school. However, I do distinctly recall time spent at the Land’s End Resort, listening to her yodel with her father, though I must not have been more than 10 or 12 at the time and probably thought the whole thing was a waste of time. Obviously the subtleties of fine art were lost on me at the time.

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        And I remember listening to Jewel’s grandfather, Yule, yodel. What an interesting family. What an interesting collection of people Homer has attracted and continues to attract.

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        What an interesting collection of people Homer has attracted and continues to attract.

        That is perhaps the most understated description of Homer’s population that I’ve heard! The end of the road truly attracts all types of people.