One year of blogging…

Posted: 17th March 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

It was thereabouts one year ago this week that I kicked off this blog, or at least an early iteration of it on Blogger. Hard to believe. I thought about looking back at my posts and doing a major stats roundup, but suffice it to say that since moving to the WordPress platform last April, this blog has been viewed over 30,500 times! I want thank each and every one of you for spending time from your life glancing at, reading or even studying what I’ve written. The ClustrMaps widget in the lower right shows me where you all are coming from and it’s amazing how far reaching one blog can be.

I haven’t been entirely satisfied with my blogging focus recently, which has tended to jump around a little too much, especially in areas of theology where I don’t have the background or experience to be an appropriate voice. This is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently and somehow the answer seems to have come from the least expected places.

Sean’s recent post on the art of musical interpretation has sparked something inside and perhaps provided some clarity to this dissatisfaction. I feel a passion being stirred for translation and interpretation, both of music and the Biblical texts. Musical hermeneutics was a large part of my studies in college and it would be natural to rekindle that field in consideration of Bible translation.

“That is why I remind you to stir into flame the gift from God which is yours through the laying on of my hands. For the spirit that God gave us is no cowardly spirit, but one to inspire power, love and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:6-7, REB)

In a way, the subtitle of this blog might be better served as “music, faith and joy of worship”. I’ve focused perhaps a little too narrowly on worship music in this past year, when the relationship between music, faith, man and God has existed for all eternity and encompassed a rich diversity of styles.

I still want to learn about theological topics, but wonder if I might be better served by interacting on others’ blogs who write far more eloquently and/or with knowledge than trying to frame my own ignorant explorations here. This blog is being polished and refined and I hope that you’ll stick with me through the fire!

  1. Kevin Sam says:

    ElShaddai, I know how you feel about not having a focus. I too blog about different things like theology, the bible, politics, and other topics. But I think that’s okay. It would be nice to have a focus but I don’t think it’s necessary. I blog about what is interesting to me because that is me…and it’s good to be me.

  2. Thanks, Kevin. I’ve been torn on whether to open up this blog to non-Bible/theology/faith related topics. I’ve flirted with other blogs for that type of stuff, but never find myself with the time to keep them going.

  3. Robert says:


    I started my blog because I didn’t want a focus, or be tied down to one particular topic. I am kind of in the same camp as Kevin, “It would be nice to have a focus but I don’t think it’s necessary. I blog about what is interesting to me because that is me…and it’s good to be me.” – well I don’t know how good it is to be me 😉

    However I do find myself blogging more on bible and theology subjects. I have found that it is a great forum to gain a better understanding on various topics.

    Well I truly enjoy your blog, and maybe you shouldn’t change the focus but create another blog with that focus in mind. Just a thought.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Robert. I appreciate the insight and encouragement to keep going. I guess I need to open a few more doors into “me” and let this blog grow a bit. I never meant to radically change the focus, but maybe reach out in other directions that have meaning to me. I’ll keep posting and hopefully y’all will keep reading (and commenting!).