Looking at life after Revelation 20

Posted: 19th March 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized
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On the heels of Bryan’s recent post that Revelation 20 was John’s message of “hope, understanding, and calls for endurance” for the persecuted first-century Christians, rather than a thesis of millennialism, comes a new post from Steve at Undeception focused on the consummation of Christ’s reign and the reward of living in the Kingdom, not “already/not yet”, but fully realized as our present history:

The postmillennialist strains at the idea of a non-literal millennium of 40 earth years, but swallows a non-literal millennium that extends an unconsummated Kingdom two [sic] at least two thousand years, and probably centuries more. Has He put an end to His people’s separation from Himself? If not, where does that put us? The full preterist looks at what God has done and sees “that it was good”, and does not insist upon anything else from God. Even Paul said that they, the firstfruits, had already received everything needed for life and godliness; what was lacking at the time was life after death for the departed, which was itself supplied accomplished at the Resurrection.

What are we waiting for? Our redemption has been accomplished and applied. We have been raised with the risen Christ and brought into the glorious, unshakable kingdom of His Father. Critics claim that preterists are preoccupied with AD 70, but we are so only as a child remembers the thrill of unwrapping the presents on Christmas morning; the real joy comes only after the beginning, and that’s where the full preterist lives.

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