Blogroll update: Henry Neufeld

Posted: 21st March 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized
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I don’t know how familiar people are with Henry Neufeld, which probably just shows my own ignorance, but I’ve been poking around his various sites recently and have added his “Participatory Bible Study Blog” and “Threads from Henry’s Web” blogs to my blogroll. In addition to being an advocate of the Revised English Bible, Henry has some very useful thoughts on the (in)errancy of the Bible, which I appreciated very much.

I wanted to also mention that Henry has updated his Bible Version Selector program. I’ve played around with his online program before, basically just trying to see what combination of answers would end up with my own Bible bookshelf, so I was curious to see the update he mentioned.

First, he has a new URL:

The update adds preset profiles to choose from as an alternative to filling out the more detailed usage questionnaire. Profiles have been added for “Neutral”, “Public Reading”, “Personal Study”, “Easy Reading”, “Most Literal”, “” and “Dynamic or Functional”. Switching to the Detailed View allows you to see the field values that Henry has chosen for these presets.

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