A long walk into the wildernesss: May 12

Posted: 12th May 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

Miscellaneous blogging thoughts from the past week or so:

  • By a very large margin, the number one search term, or more accurately – search terms, for this blog over the past 90 days has been some variant of “December 17, 1994” and/or “Ronald Weinland”. The post and photos of the leather Oxford Study Bible aside, my March 1 post on Weinland’s end-times books has received nearly double the page views of any other post over that same time period. Whether I (and others) think Weinland’s nutty or not, there are a lot of people looking for his stuff…
  • It’s been underscored in several discussions now that I don’t have a theological clue when it comes to defining terms like “reformed”, “protestant”, “evangelical”, etc. Silly me for thinking that there was a direct link between “reformed” and the “reformation”, but bullocks if I can tell you what it is. If you’re not “reformed”, what are you? A non-reformed Protestant? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Sometimes I think the restorationists were right and Protestantism is a house divided against itself. Certainly the Catholic and Orthodox traditions don’t seem to be as openly fractured as Protestants are.
  • There’s been lots of discussion about speaking in tongues, charisma and pentecostal worship. And seemingly appropriately too, since we’ve just marked Pentecost on the theological Church calendar. Peter Kirk passed along a link to webcasts of revival services in Lakeland, Florida. I had the opportunity to watch a few minutes and was a bit taken aback by what I saw: the speaker was racing back in forth across the stage front like she was a ping pong ball on the Chinese national team, shouting “do ya hear what I’m sayin?!” like it was a professional wrestling event; the audience was getting up and leaving and coming like they were watching television; I heard mention of “angels” and “Holy Spirit” at a 10:1 ratio to “Jesus Christ”; I watched an audience member come up and get pushed down to the floor by the speaker; etc. The propensity for using the word “BAM!” on the website testimonials made me wonder if I’d wandered into Emeril’s cooking show by mistake. Now granted, this was a short excerpt of one broadcast and may not have been a reasonable sample of the event, but what I saw wasn’t my cup of tea. I guess God uses different styles to reach different folks so who am I to question the methods?
  • Thanks again to blogger Nathan Bierma, who mentioned Calvin Seerveld’s volume on Psalms in a comment on Better Bibles. I have (and recommend) Seerveld’s work on Song of Songs and look forward to engaging this work on Psalms. I remain interested in Alter’s work on the Psalms as well, but Seerveld just has a freshness and dramatic license with the text that is gripping to the core.
  • Bryan L. posted on the sacrifice of Isaac, which has spawned some intriguing thoughts on the typological implications of the sacrifice as a precursor to Christ. I can also wish that I had Bryan’s reserve for wandering into theological discussions.
  1. Greg says:

    About #2- The Reformers during the reformation weren’t in complete harmony, either. Especially if you look at Anabaptists and such. But you’re right, the splintering effect is sad. It’s sad that Luther’s assertion of the priesthood of all believers gets jacked up and used (maybe unconciously) as a reason to do what I want when I want.