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Posted: 14th May 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

HT: Dee-Ann Durbin (AP) f


Honda robot conducts Detroit Symphony to warm response

DETROIT (AP) — The lights dimmed, the sold-out hall grew hushed and out walked the conductor – shiny, white, 4 feet 3 inches tall.

ASIMO, a robot designed by Honda Motor Co., met its latest challenge Tuesday evening: Conducting the Detroit Symphony in a performance of “The Impossible Dream” from “Man of La Mancha.”

“Hello, everyone,” ASIMO said to the audience in a childlike voice, then waved to the orchestra.

As it conducted, it perfectly mimicked the actions of a conductor, nodding its head at various sections and gesturing with one or both hands. ASIMO took a final bow to enthusiastic shouts from the audience.

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Just remember, Robot… Never look at a trombone section. It only encourages them.

  1. Steve says:

    Great title, by the way 🙂

  2. It is. I wish I could take credit, but I can’t. HT to Dee-Ann Durbin of the Associated Press, or whoever wrote an earlier version of the press release.

    P.S. I’ve replaced the static photo with a YouTube clip of the performance. I’m somewhat surprised that they didn’t put “him” on a podium – it had to have been hard for the back row horns to see. Not that it really mattered — I’m sure the orchestra was on auto-pilot, at least from the sound of it.