A weekend up north

Posted: 28th July 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized
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We returned Sunday night from a busy weekend “up north” with friends Mark and Lin at Mark’s parents’ “cabin” (house) in New York Mills, about 190 miles to the northwest of Minneapolis. We left Friday night after dinner and, after a rapid series of bathroom stops for the boys, finally arrived around 11pm. After getting the boys transferred to their bed and our things unpacked, sleep came easy.

The weather all weekend was as close to perfect as you could ask for: sunny, warm without being oppressively humid and a slight breeze. Saturday morning came too quickly for most of us, but we enjoyed a pancake breakfast before exploring the area a bit. Ben needed a morning nap to recover from the travel, so I stayed at the house and did some reading while Cindy, Sam, Mark and Lin went into town to run errands, including a stop at a B&B made of converted train cars – I think this is Sam’s idea of heaven!

Afternoon highlights included ATV rides for Sam and a trip to a local beach where Ben enjoyed jumping off the end of the dock while Sam used his goggles to find lake clams or mussels on the sandy bottom. The boys had an early dinner and crashed for the night. We ate and chatted before everyone started fading. I took a short walk to look at the stars – there was still a bit of ambient light pollution, so the Milky Way didn’t pop as well as I remember it from Alaska, but I certainly saw more stars than we do in Burnsville.


After breakfast on Sunday, Mark and Lin took the boys (and us) fishing. We didn’t have Mark’s boat, so we fished from the shore. After striking out at the first location near a busy boat launch, Mark took us to a river bridge. Lin found a quiet pool and caught a rock bass, which made the trip for Sam. Mark and Lin then very graciously gave the boys fishing poles to take home – I need to find a safe way of putting a small weight on the lines for them to practice with! After fishing, we packed up the CRV, had a late lunch and began the trek home. Traffic was horrendous as we approached the metro, so we ended up taking backroads through the western counties.


It was a busy weekend and we didn’t get a chance to truly relax much, but the boys had fun and it was good to change gears and get out of town. We are very appreciative of Mark and Lin’s hospitality and patience with the boys. Thanks guys!

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