I am not Mark Biltz

In the video from yesterday’s “blood moon” post, Steve Hadley mentions that he originally saw this material presented by Mark Biltz, a messianic Jew with a church in Washington state. After digging around the original GodTube.com posting, I discovered the name of Biltz’s ministry… are you ready for this?

At least that’s more on target than the “ElShaddai Limousine Service” in West Warick, Rhode Island or “ElShaddai Florist” in Bermuda…

Happily, I read on Biltz’s site that he is not caught up in “rapture fever”:

It’s not even on my radar! I’m not focused on it, I am focused on the mission at hand. I will work till Messiah comes. Believe me He will take whoever He wants to take, whenever He wants to take them and no one will lose points for being wrong. If your house is on fire and you escape are you satisfied that you are out or will you do all you can to get your children out as well? With any fire there are people rushing out and firemen rushing in. I guess it depends on what you feel you’re calling is. I don’t remember who, but someone said (and now in a popular song):

“Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell;
but I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell!”

That is my motto. If the Lord wants to keep me here during the tribulation on a mission run, I’m happy to stay. If He wants me out, then I’m happy to go! It’s not my will or rapture theology that will take me or leave me but His will.

For more on Biltz’s comments on the reception of his eclipse commentary, click here.

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    Yo, yo, yo!  The 9th of Av, AD 70.  Check it out!  😉

    Ed. Link to article on Tisha B’Av added to Mike’s comment.

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    Rosh Hashanah Seven trumpets are to sound, in Rosh Hashanah, before Yeshua will return in the air.
    God of Israel let this year the first trumpet sound as a sign and to awakening. Seven trumpets are to sound, in Rosh Hashanah, descend from heaven Lord Yeshua! I am waiting with expectation and with the oil of grace in my heart, let the trumpets of the angels sound. Seven trumpets are to sound, in Rosh Hashanah, and with the sound of the last trumpet Yeshua will return in power. Do not let the world prevent you to meet Yeshua in the air.
    Methodistpastor Berndt Isaksson
    Vetlanda SWEDEN