An enjoyable end to the weekend

Posted: 25th August 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized
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Sunday evening we enjoyed fun and food at Cleary Lake Regional Park in Lakeville with friends from church. After everyone arrived, we rented some paddleboats and churned our way around the lake for a half-hour, which I likened to peddling up a perpetual low-grade hill in 3rd gear… Sam tried his turn at steering with the predictably comical results, but the problems were more mechanical than mental – he definitely understood how the breeze and waves were pushing the boat off the course we wanted to go.

After we’d put our feet back on the sand, we enjoyed a light picnic dinner and conversation while the kids played (and played and played)! They all get along great and it’s nice to be able to have adult conversations without the constant tug of little hands.


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