Photo albums update

Posted: 28th September 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized
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For many years now, I’ve been using pBase as our online photo archiving service. However, for various reasons, I’ve decided to move to a different service. I’d experimented with Flickr earlier this year, but wasn’t satisfied with the limitations of the free service and it didn’t captivate my attention enough to move all our photos over. For now, I’ve switched our 2008 photo albums to Picasa, a photo service from Google. The links to the earlier years’ archives in the right column still point to pBase, or at least until I get all the albums recreated on the new platform.

You can view our albums either directly at Picasa or here on our website. The monthly albums on our Photos page are being mirrored from Picasa, so any updates or new photos that we add there will be reflected here as well!

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