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Posted: 24th October 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

Just a quick note to apologize for spending more time doing blog design lately than actually blogging. I do have a couple of things in the hopper and hope to get those out shortly.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing around with the minimalistic Sandbox theme and creating various CSS designs. Nothing wild or outlandish, but certainly a more extensive process than “just” modifying someone else’s work. I’ve more-or-less completed two designs, one of which you’re looking at (see also), and have two more to do.

  1. David Ker says:

    Nice work, man. They both look great. Our design thing is probably teaching you more than you want to know! 🙂

  2. I wish I had the motivation to learn so that I can update mine as well. I just don’t really like the one I am currently using. The one I really did like does not include who did the post. Since I do have a few friends that blog on occasion it’s important to me that it clearly shows who did the post. They are not even posting, so I may have to cut them out – hahaha…

    Good for you for doing this.


  3. @David – thanks, you’re up next!

    @Robert – I share your frustration! That was a big reason I moved to my own hosting platform – obviously I like geeking the code!

  4. I just finished doing CSS for the RefTagger on my blog and they don’t make it easy. All so that when people hover over Scripture the box will be in colors that are similar to the blog. Sometimes I wonder…

    This is why I put my second blog on WordPress–so I wouldn’t spend time tweaking it.

    I like what you’ve done though and am looking forward to the new Better Bibles Blog.

  5. Yeah… I haven’t even looked at the RefTagger stuff yet. I thought I was miles ahead when I finally figured out that Google Reader could pass through an unstyled blogroll list instead of their goofy color schemes.

  6. tc robinson says:

    I’m loving the header.

  7. Thanks, TC – I went at this one a bit backwards… the header was actually the last thing to put together. I’ve still got a few other ideas I’m going to play with.

  8. Andrew Dunning says:

    Nicely done. What font is ‘sufficient’ in?

  9. Thanks, Andrew. The font for “sufficient” is called Constantia. I think it ships with MS Vista, though I probably picked it up when I installed a backwards compatibility pack for MS Office.

  10. Nice! I’ve been debating whether or not to self host, but I’m worried I would end up tweaking forever – I do that enough as it is. Good luck.

  11. Kevin Sam says:

    Hey Elsh, I like the new look…but I’ll miss the trumpet though.

  12. The red trombone player is still my “gravatar” icon, so you’ll see him whenever I post a comment. And, of course, I’m never really done with a design, so there’s always a chance he’ll be back…