Answering the desktop challenge

Posted: 16th November 2008 by ElShaddai Edwards in Uncategorized

Evidently Jim West has challenged bibliobloggers to take a screenshot of their desktop, post it on their blog, and drop him a note so that he can take a look. I have to HT Bryan Lilly on this one…

Without further ado, I present two desktops:

I tend to have artwork that I like on my desktop; the first (left) is what is currently “on exhibit”. I found this painting on a greeting card years ago and was immediately struck by the treatment of light across the geese, country road and water, never mind the perfectly captured inquisitive gaze of the geese toward the artist. It helps that we raised geese and other fowl in my Alaskan youth. After fruitlessly searching several art books, I eventually discovered on the Web that this oil painting is “The Watersplash” (1899) by Henry Herbert La Thangue.

Continuing the theme of my Alaskan youth, the Maine paintings by Winslow Homer have a special attraction for his rough-hewn depictions of the sea and fishermen. The painting here is called “The Fog Warning” (1885) and combines the danger of an encroaching fogbank with the success of the fisherman and the arduous task that he faces, rowing back over choppy seas to his ship in the distance.

  1. Brian says:

    I wasn’t sure how to do the screen shot thing to put up my desktop.