A new NLT Reference Bible?

NLT Study Bible editor Sean Harrison tweeted earlier today about a new NLT Reference Edition Bible due out this August. According to his original “post” and a follow-up reply, the new Bible will be a slimline edition with “center-column references with Hebrew-Greek word study.

I can only assume that, from this brief description, this edition will feature the cross reference system that was published in the NLT Study Bible (Update: this is confirmed by Keith Williams in the comments below). So if you wanted the updated NLT’07 text with a columnar reference system, but not the Study Bible notes – this might be the Bible for you!

** Update **

In addition to the NLT Reference Bible from Tyndale noted above, there appears to be another new NLT Reference Bible scheduled for publication in August. Evidently Tyndale has licensed the NLT text to Cambridge/Baker Publishing, which is producing a Pitt Minion Reference Edition setting of the text:

The slimline Cambridge Pitt Minion format is widely admired for its compact but clear type and its elegant binding styles. In the NLT editions the words of Christ are printed in red and there are full cross-references, a dictionary/concordance, and maps. It is printed on very thin and light India paper, with gold edges. The pages are Smyth-sewn, giving the books plenty of support and allowing them to stay flat once open.

It must be noted that the Pitt Minion format is slightly smaller than the current slimline NLT Reference Edition, with physical dimensions just under 7″x5″; the font size will likely be smaller as well. In addition to being Smyth-sewn, the bindings are made of premium goatskin and French Morocco, so the prices will be set accordingly. No word yet on whether there will be hardback, bonded leather or imitation leather editions.

ISBN: 0521759242 (black French Morocco)
ISBN: 0521735289 (black goatskin)
ISBN: 0521759218 (brown goatskin)

While the folks at Tyndale may not be able to confirm anything, the fact that Cambridge is using their Pitt Minion layout is potentially exciting news for those of us looking for a wide-margin edition of the NLT. Cambridge has previously produced wide-margin editions of the ESV, NASB and NKJV, all based on the Pitt Minion layout. On the other hand, they have produced Pitt Minion versions of the KJV and NIV without offering a wide-margin edition, though there are wide-margin versions of those translations based on other Cambridge layout styles.

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    This is the first I’ve heard of the Pitt Minion editions, so thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    The edition Sean was referring to will be published by Tyndale. It isn’t wide-margin, but it will have an extensive cross-reference system in a center-column format. It is actually a larger set of cross-refs than we were able to fit in the NLTSB, since we had to edit some out to fit on the page for the study Bible. It also has the Hebrew/Greek word study system from the NLTSB, slightly tweaked. I think it is going to be a great edition.

  2. Posted April 9, 2009 at 11:27 AM | Permalink

    Thank you for the confirmation, Keith – this sounds like the NLT edition that I’ve been wishing for. I’m looking forward to seeing both sets of NLT Reference Bibles – sounds like this August will be a great month!

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    This summer keeps looking better and better!

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    Elshaddai, good to see you back in the mix of things. Yes, I’ll looking forward to the NLT RB.

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    That is great news! I linked your post here:


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    This is really good news. Just in case you all did not know but Tyndale does make an excellent high quality calfskin bible. It is not a cross-reference bible. Check out here:

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      Thanks for the links, Rick. Using those as a starting point, I was able to find a handful of ISBNs for those interested:

      1414327048 (Black Bonded Leather)
      1414327056 (Burgundy Bonded Leather)
      1414327064 (Black Bonded Leather, Indexed)
      1414327072 (Burgundy Bonded Leather, Indexed)
      1414327080 (Brown/Tan TuTone Leatherlike)

      Looks like the dimensions will be 8-1/4″ x 5-1/2″, so basically a half-sheet of paper — that’s a very convenient size.

  8. Ryan
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    Any news on whether the Tyndale edition will be sewn?

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