The benefits of a blog’s blood pressure

Posted: 13th May 2009 by ElShaddai Edwards in Faith & Theology, Uncategorized

It’s been a curious thing, these past 4-5 months. I’ve been incredibly busy with my full-time job and some sidebar freelance projects, nevermind the house and family, the sum of which has left very little time for blogging and other personal projects. After a self-imposed hiatus of several months, I attempted a brief return last month before getting swamped in work again (in fact, I am currently waiting for QA to finish reviewing a file that I am presenting to our clients this afternoon).

Yet despite the paucity of new content, the analytics of this blog have remained relatively stable in averaging ~150 unique visitors a day. Not great, but evidently good enough to land me on the “Top 50” list last month…

In reviewing the site stats, the importance of archived content in maintaining the “blood pressure” of a blog is clearly underscored. From the beginning of April through mid May, these have been the most visited individual post pages (obviously, I cannot track posts read on the home page):

  1. Dinner prayers
  2. A new NLT Reference Bible?
  3. What were you doing on December 17, 1994?
  4. Wretched translations! ESV vs. HCSB: Romans 7:13-25
  5. Maybe the question is not “what versions of the Bible do you use”…
  6. Isaiah 40:31

Two posts from 2007, two from 2008 and two posted after my “return” last month – that’s a healthy mix. Incidently, the Romans 7 and Weinland (December 17, 1994) posts are the two top posts when I look at all blog activity, at least from the relaunch in April 2008. FWIW – stats are derived from Google Analytics as my WordPress Stats plugin has corrupted itself and is reporting spurious data with no sense of reality (seemingly assigning all the site visits to one random post from archives).

I’m encouraged that people are finding things to read, even when I don’t have the time to write. I’ve thought about going “off air” again, but the benefit of keeping archived content available to those looking is greater than any benefit to me in shuttering the site.

  1. It’s always nice when someone dusts off an old post (some I don’t even remember having written), it’s good for the soul, or blood pressure. May all of your work continue to be read.

  2. ducted air says:

    Why do we keep visiting your blog? To read your posts! So keep posting, and make readers like me HAPPY!!!

  3. Hi, to reach the “top 50” is a great thing…congrats….it shows how much your readers love your posts!!!