Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You?

Posted: 13th July 2009 by ElShaddai Edwards in Faith & Theology

For my friends on Facebook:

ElShaddai took the Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You? quiz and the result is Rob Bell

You are the Pastor of Mars hill Bible church in Michigan. You are the author of a number of books including “Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith” and “Sex God.” Despite what many think, you actually hold to traditional doctrine, but you have a completely different & unique way of explaining it. As a result, you are VERY controversial…but you actually kind of like that. (At least it makes people think) You are an artist and it shows. Be careful about too much “Post-modernist” language. It confuses people a lot of “Traditionalist,” who don’t want to have to think to hard.

Just in case you’re curious, my answers were:

  1. An M.Div is helpful, but you still need the Holy Spirit to help you out as you study.
  2. “It’s not about YOU!”
  3. Hey, there’s an empty strip-mall. Let’s fix it up and use that.
  4. Everything you do is Spiritual, wether [sic] you realize it or not.
  5. “Death Proof” (Or possibly “Apocalypse Now”) [EE: no idea what “Death Proof” is, but I love “Apocalypse Now” — my other choice would have been “Time Bandits”, which doesn’t change the result.]
  6. Remind everyone that Jesus already did the heavy lifting for them. All they have to do is embrace that reality.
  7. Anything “Techno” by D.J. Teisto or Paul Oakenfold
  8. Standard fair with a contemporary worship service.
  1. Is the Hey, there’s an empty strip-mall. Let’s fix it up and use that. answer in response to a, “What should we use for our church building?” kind of question? I only ask because our church would fit into such a category.

    • Yes – specifically, “What might your church look like?” Choices included:

      – A campus sounds good to me. That way we can do lots of different stuff.
      – Suburban Industrial seems like a decent fit.
      – I like that mini-stadium kind of look.
      – BIG! We need plenty of room for the revival.
      – Hey, there’s an empty strip-mall. Let’s fix it up and use that.
      – Urban architecture is classic. Why mess with it?

  2. I got..wait for it…John Piper. I am so very, very sorry.

  3. Peter Kirk says:

    Looks like an interesting quiz, but I won’t take it because I won’t let random pieces of software, and their authors, “access [my] Profile information, photos, [my] friends’ info and other content that it requires to work”. I suppose, ElShaddai, that you gave it, and them, permission to access my info. I’m not sure I want friends like that!

    • AFAIK, Peter, the “friends’ info” is applicable to the last step in the quiz where it asks you if you want to invite your friends to take the quiz. I *never* do that, but if my taking a quiz for my own entertainment is enough to cause you to de-friend me, so be it.

      • Peter Kirk says:

        I’m not actually going to de-friend you. I don’t think I would have any friends left if I did that to anyone who uses this quiz application. But your AFAIK makes me wonder what there is that you don’t know. I’m concerned that a Facebook application with that permission could harvest all your friends’ profile information and use that for marketing, spam etc, or sell it to the highest bidder.

        • Peter, El-Shaddai is right. How could I give permission to information that is not mine? What they access is your list of friends – but like El-Shaddai, I never invite the myriad of friends.

          • Peter Kirk says:

            Joel, the problem is that ElShaddai, as my friend, has access to confidential information about me, on my Facebook profile, which I have chosen to make available to my friends. This is the “[my] friends’ info” which I was referring to. By agreeing to this he has apparently allowed unknown third parties to access this information. I have not given him permission to do so, but that doesn’t make it impossible for him to do this, just unethical.

            ElShaddai, I don’t want to pick on you, as several of my friends including Wayne Leman have done the same before. See my forthcoming post about this.

          • Peter, of all the friends I have, and the quizzes I have taken, I have yet to either given confidential information out on my friends. Not sure where you are coming from on that. Further, when friends take quizzes and tag me, so to speak, my information remains the same.

            I’ll be looking forward to your post!

          • Peter Kirk says:

            My new post about this is here: Facebook quiz danger?

    • Thanks for expressing your concerns, Peter – I’ll be sure to read your post as well. I know there are apps out there for blocking other apps from appearing in your feed, but I don’t know anything that specifically shields your info.

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  6. Tim says:

    As a Papist, I was interested to see who I would be most close to in the evangelical world. The results: Joel Olsteen! I am declaring shenanigans on this quiz! 🙂

  7. This was fun, but I was quite surprised at my results: John Piper???

  8. New Leaven says:

    Why did I still emerge as Rob Bell?…

    So I got weak in the knees and took the misguided: Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian Are You?
    Rob Bell
    My answers:
    The bold two are what Elshaddai and I have in common:

    An M.Div is helpful, but you still need the Holy Spirit to help you out as you …

  9. Kevin Sam says:

    I came out as John Piper…and I am not surprised.

    ElShaddai, I see you and TC came out as Rob Bell but right away I knew I wasn`t going to come out as Bell.

    Peter, are you referring to the information in the Info tab is the confidential information?

    • Peter Kirk says:

      Kevin, I don’t think the application can get at any confidential information. But it can apparently access anything that is in profile info tabs, not just my own but those of all my friends. See my post and the article Joel linked to in a comment there.

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