My pet, God

Posted: 15th July 2009 by ElShaddai Edwards in Faith & Theology

Too many of our worship songs are more about us than God. [… We] praise God for holding us close, for keeping us secure, for making us feel loved and blessed and forgiven and warm and cozy in our electric blanket of eternal security (with a warm comforter of national security thrown in too). We congratulate God on how well God is meeting our needs. When we say, “You’re such a good God,” it sometimes sounds like comforting words spoken to a pet.

– Brian McLaren, Christianity Today (2004)

  1. Terry T says:

    WOW. You know I was just thinking this Sunday after a couple of “worship songs” similar things. Actually I said it sounded like we were singing to our new “girl friend” rather than the Most High God.
    Now I am no fan of Mr. Mclaren, but in this excerpt he is on target.
    Many if not most of the great Hymns are focused on God, his character, his attributes, works, the glory of salvation, etc – it is high time that we flee this “Christless Christianity” – Mr. Mclaren has identified a symptom / fruit of this disease.

    Terry T

    • Terry – do a search for “Jesus is my boyfriend” on this blog and you’ll find a few more links along this topic. Needless to say, I strongly agree with you and Mr. McLaren on this issue.

  2. tc robinson says:

    Our worship leader would love this.

  3. Kevin Sam says:

    I don’t agree with McLaren on many issues but I’d have to give this one to McLaren.

  4. Dan says:

    I am totally shocked that McLaren could make such a TRUE statement. He has such a hard time with truth.