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What is your six-word Gospel?

Believe in Jesus and be saved. Jesus, son of David, is alive! Christ in you, hope of glory. Which six-word gospel resonates most with you? [ Read More ]
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An initial look: NIV Single Column Reference Bible

A quick take on the NIV Single-Column Reference Bible from Zondervan. Binding, typography, text layout, cross references and paper quality. [ Read More ]
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A workless faith

Recently I’ve been reading Robert H. Gundry’s Commentary on James (HT: Jeff@Scripture Zealot). I’ve crossed paths with Gundry before on this blog (cf. my post on Matthew’s “narrative” account of the infant Christ), but this is my first time reading his work first hand. By and large, Gundry presents his own literal translation of the… [ Read More ]
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The victorious redemption of creation as the seal of the abyss

In some of my recent, tentative theological wanderings, I have been considering the Christus Victor view of atonement and what implications that has for my view of things. In many ways, it feels like a “coming home” to the first major systematic Bible study that I did, almost ten years ago, in which the major theme was… [ Read More ]
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Ecclesiasticus 10:13

Persistence in [pride] brings on a deluge of depravity.” (Ecclesiasticus 10:13, NEB) [ Read More ]
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Matthew 5:3

How blest are those who know their need of God; the kingdom of Heaven is theirs.” (Matthew 5:3, NEB) [ Read More ]
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Making the pot boil and bubble

The parable of the boiling pot in Ezekiel 24 graphically illustrates a message of judgement from God on the leaders of Jerusalem, who had been set siege upon by the king of Babylon. In this post, I am comparing the poetry of the King James Version (KJV) to the Revised English Bible (REB) and the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) in order to see what may be gained or lost from an English styling perspective. [ Read More ]
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What is the gospel?

Over the weekend, I was briefly sucked into a theological discussion thread on Facebook in which the original question was posed along the lines of "If Calvanism is the gospel (cf. Spurgeon) and I am not a Calvanist, do I reject the gospel?" Despite my attempt at a quick diversionary answer, the thread quickly transformed into a TULIP discussion, so I left it behind... [ Read More ]
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Finding Hope in Christianity’s Past

Are current events part of a cyclical, God-planned upheaval of Christianity or just the results of random social circumstances? My former teacher, Trace James, has published some thoughts on his Studies in Grace blog on why he sees hope for the future in Christianity’s past. A Hope-filled Christian History, Part One A Hope-filled Reading of Christian… [ Read More ]
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We are risen!

You once were dead because of your sins and wickedness; you followed the ways of this present world order, obeying the commander of the spiritual powers of the air, the spirit now at work among God’s rebel subjects. We too were once of their number; we were ruled by our physical desires, and did what… [ Read More ]
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