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A wilderness of words

A wilderness of words So subtly blurs the truth That men rejoice in lies They learned in Sunday School […] Read the rest at Vine and Fig: Poems and Comments for the Lord [ Read More ]
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He will have us all…

God loves his whole creation. Once sin was present in it, God began a long campaign to win the hearts of people so as to restore creation. God means for us […] to love everyone we can into the great mission of restoring everything in creation to all it is meant to be. The eventual… [ Read More ]
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Former translation nut seeking good home for many Bibles

Former Bible translation nut seeks an organization to which to donate many varied English translations for loving Kingdom use. Local (Minneapolis) would be ideal, but willing to entertain other options. If you have any suggestions, please respond in the comments to this post. Thanks! [ Read More ]
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Losing a third of me: Making a commitment to change

None of the workouts or diet tips and tricks that I’ve previously discussed could have been effective until I was willing to commit to the schedule changes and lifestyle changes necessary to support them. When I first started to think about losing weight two or three years ago, I added myself to my wife’s gym… [ Read More ]
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Elected to bless the nations

HT: Peter Kirk, Gentle Wisdom Election needs to be seen as a doctrine of mission, not a calculus for the arithmetic of salvation. If we are to speak of being chosen, of being among God’s elect, it is to say that, like Abraham, we are chosen for the sake of God’s plan that the nations… [ Read More ]
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The marriage of the millennium

We tend to spend a lot of time interpreting Revelation 20 and trying to understand the 1,000 year reign of Christ with the saints. In our linear Western mindset, we mainly read the text as a narrative in which Event C follows Event B, which followed Event A. I have my doubts that this is… [ Read More ]
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Beyond the sanitized page: plunging into the letter to Thyatira

We’re in the middle of a sermon series at church on the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation. This past Sunday, we looked at the letter to Thyatira — Revelation 2:18-29.  In the middle of the letter is God’s statement of intent to punish a person or source of authority that was… [ Read More ]
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Losing a third of me: When to carb or not to carb

Recent studies have begun pointing an evil finger at the carbohydrates in our lives. And I’d certainly be hard-pressed to argue that processed food is not an epidemic in our modern culture. However, one of the most important points that my trainer made was that carbs as a whole are not the problem, it’s when we… [ Read More ]
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Losing a third of me: Cardio, strength, repeat, rinse

Some people will swear by cardio training, some people by lifting weights. I tend to favor cardio, but my daily routine tries to incorporate both. I typically work out for about an hour, alternating between 12-15 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of modest strength training. During cardio, I’m pushing hard to hit 85-90% of… [ Read More ]
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100 reasons I haven’t been blogging…

For those keeping score, it’s been about a year and a half since my last post on this site. I certainly haven’t been absent in cyberspace as my friends on Facebook and Twitter will attest, but this particular arena has been lying fallow for many reasons, most of which I am not going to discuss. However,… [ Read More ]
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