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An initial look: NIV Single Column Reference Bible

A quick take on the NIV Single-Column Reference Bible from Zondervan. Binding, typography, text layout, cross references and paper quality. [ Read More ]
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He will have us all…

God loves his whole creation. Once sin was present in it, God began a long campaign to win the hearts of people so as to restore creation. God means for us […] to love everyone we can into the great mission of restoring everything in creation to all it is meant to be. The eventual… [ Read More ]
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HCSB: Still no basic Reference Bible…

The publishers of the HCSB are evidently continuing their trend of publishing topical Bibles without providing a standard Reference Bible. New this fall will be the following: The Apologetics Study Bible :: “Real Questions. Straight Answers. Stronger Faith. The Apologetics Study Bible will help today’s Christians better understand, defend, and proclaim their beliefs in this… [ Read More ]
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Unconventional Christianity

Late last night I was looking on my bookshelf at the various things I’ve been reading over the past few years and realized that I’ve spent most of my time reading books that buck the traditional flow of things. I find a great deal of intellectual pleasure in digging out arguments against “conventional wisdom”, taking… [ Read More ]
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A breath of fresh air

These days it seems like we rarely encounter things that truly take our breath away, at least in a positive manner. And perhaps Bible publishing isn’t the most amazing thing to make you sit up and pay attention, but Michael Hanegan of Radical Renovation blogged yesterday about a new TNIV edition from IBS. Called “The… [ Read More ]
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A brief evening at the bookstore…

I finally had a chance to get to the local Northwestern Christian bookstore and see some of the new Bibles that are out. I especially wanted to see the new printing of the NLTse Premium Slimline Reference Bible, which Rick Mansfield recently reviewed on This Lamp. I was a bit let down after reading his… [ Read More ]
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Study bible list updated

Fyi, Larry has added a guest review of Writings of St. Paul, 2nd Edition (Meeks & Fitzgerald) on Rick Mansfield’s THIS LAMP blog. I’ve updated the list of Study Bible reviews in my previous post. [ Read More ]
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THIS LAMP…new Bible reviews

Rick Mansfield has recently posted his notes on several specific Bibles from various publishers. His reviews are thorough and well worth reading. NLTse, “Premium Slimline Reference (Large Print) from Tyndale: “I don’t consider myself all that picky, but after three years of the NLTse’s existence, I still couldn’t find a decent copy for public use.… [ Read More ]
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Study bible reviews

Rick Mansfield is hosting a guest series of study bible reviews by reader “Larry” on his This Lamp blog. They’ve been very informative and interesting posts – I’ll add links to each new title as they appear: Jewish Study Bible (Oxford 2004) [NJPS] New Oxford Annotated Study Bible (3rd edition) (Oxford 2001/07) [NRSV] New Interpreter’s… [ Read More ]
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