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Calminianism and Open Theism

080106290xIn a recent post on Koinonia (HT: Peter Kirk), Craig Blomberg lays out a mediating position between traditional Calvinism and Arminianism, which he slyly calls “Calminianism” – otherwise known as “middle knowledge”: Simply put, middle knowledge affirms, with classic Arminianism, that God’s predestining activity is based on his foreknowledge of what all humans would do… [ Read More ]
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The wine of wrath and the dregs of depravity

broken-dregsOne of the most trumpeted visions in Revelation is that of the Word of God appearing on a white horse, followed by the armies of heaven (cf. Rev 19:11-21), waging war on the beast and its followers. Part of this vision are images of a sword and of a winepress of wrath, which John seemingly… [ Read More ]
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Christian fruit smoothies

straw-smoothiesIn response to a recent comment on Facebook about Greg Boyd’s “Animate” sermon series on imaginative prayer, I commented: I’d like to throw the fruit of [Greg] Boyd, Rob Bell, Gorden Fee and Eugene Peterson into a big Christian Life blender and see what comes out – that ought to be a big time Spirit-led,… [ Read More ]
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My pet, God

Too many of our worship songs are more about us than God. [… We] praise God for holding us close, for keeping us secure, for making us feel loved and blessed and forgiven and warm and cozy in our electric blanket of eternal security (with a warm comforter of national security thrown in too). We… [ Read More ]
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Election is not about heaven…

“Election is not about who gets to go to heaven; election is about who God chooses […] to bring healing to the world.” — Brian McLaren, Christianity Today (2004) [ Read More ]
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Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You?

For my friends on Facebook: ElShaddai took the Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You? quiz and the result is Rob Bell You are the Pastor of Mars hill Bible church in Michigan. You are the author of a number of books including “Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith” and “Sex God.” Despite what many think, you… [ Read More ]
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Exchanged for life by the true money changer

I am in the middle of a web development project for one of my freelance clients. He is involved in numerous endeavors and needs a “hub site” that features his personal branding and links out to the other projects, which include a handful of blogs and mens’ ministry organizations. One thing that he’s requested was… [ Read More ]
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Redemption, not recreation

HT: Gary Zimmerli And maybe some day when I get to heaven, the Lord will give me a tour of the whole world before He burns it up and moves us all into His new world. *sigh* … redemption, not re-creation. We’ll have eternity to explore this world as it was intended to be experienced. [ Read More ]
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Biblioblog Top 50 for June

Just a quick note to say “thank you” to everyone who continues to stop by — you managed to generate enough traffic in June to keep me in the Biblioblog Top 50 for the third straight month since my quasi return, albeit just hanging on in the last spot this month, though I note with… [ Read More ]
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Joseph Conrad, the NEB and a wilderness of words

Longtime readers of this blog will know of my affection for the NEB/REB line of translation and the touches of literary excellence one finds therein. One particular phrase, “a wilderness of words”, has captivated me enough to make its way into my blog tagline and spawn several posts exploring the underlying Greek word, mataiologia, that… [ Read More ]
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